Clear iPhone 12 Pro Max Case Shockproof thin cover 

 – $5.99

Clear iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

  • [Crystal Clear & Yellow-resistant]: The crystal clear case flaunts original phone design and beauty, never yellows with diamond antioxidant layer and is super easy to clean.
  • [Armor-level Shockproof]: The protective cover features 4 built-in corner Airbags to absorb impact and avoid scratches in most situations.
  • [Raised Camera & Screen Protection]: Raised bezels prevent screen and camera against drops & scratches. The tiny design of 2.5 mm lip over camera,1 mm bezel over screen and 1 mm raised corner lips on the back provides extra and comprehensive protection.
  • [Perfect Fit]: The clear phone case fits perfectly to stop dust from entering and scratching the body of your phone.
  • [Slim Ergonomic Design & Enhanced Grip]: The slim phone case brings you greater portability and firmer grip, with no bulk and no skidding.

iPhone 12 pro max project zero slim clear case – $16.99

iPhone 12 Pro Max Clear Case

Key features

  • Light-weight
  • Camera and screen protection
  • Free form watermark
  • Shockproof

In terms of compatibility, the project zero slim clear cases is designed exclusively for the iPhone 12 pro max (6.7-inch) 2020. Trying to fit this onto another model is a no-no!

With just 1.1 mm thinness, it is super light-weighted and easy to carry around without adding bulk to your device. plus, you get to brag about your device’s original look with the transparent anti-yellow polymer.

This case is made in such a way that it protects your device from all forms of shocks that may result from falls, bumps and dings.

The bezels are elevated in order to keep your device screen and camera safe from harm’s way.

Have you ever peeked into the inner part of the project zero slim case? Perhaps, you didn’t notice those tiny dots on the inside.

Well, they are not there just for aesthetics but they help to inhibit the ‘wet-look’ mirage that appears at the back of the phone with cases.

Spigen quartz hybrid case – $19.99

 Spigen iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Key features

  • Crystal clear design
  • Raised bezels
  • Distinct buttons
  • Shatterproof glass back

Designed exclusively for the iPhone 12 pro max (2020) is the Spigen quarts hybrid case.

The bezels of the camera and screen are raised to protect your device from scratches and tiny marks as a result of constant lying on a leveled surface.

While you may be wondering what the hybrid in the name means, it is a technology made of a TPU bumper and has shatterproof glass black.

There are distinct buttons that are comfortable to press whilst the pronounced cut-outs are appropriated to other cables.

Raptic clear case – $24.95

Raptic Clear Case Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max

Key features

  • Anti-yellowing polymer
  • Anti-scratch
  • Shock resistant

When it comes to compatibility, the Raptic clear case is specifically designed for the iPhone 12 pro max.

The Raptis clear case has a military-grade drop and has been tested to withstand about 6ft drops or falls on hard-surfaces.

It has an absorbing polycarbonate shield that is transparent and strong which helps prevent shocks that result from scrapes, dings and bumps.

In addition, it has an anti-yellowing polymer frame that brings comfort to your grip and helps showcase the original aesthetics of your device.

iPhone 12 pro max classic hybrid shock-absorbing phone case – $18.99

iPhone 12 Pro Max Phone Case

Key features

  • Ultra-slim & lightweight
  • Hybrid protection
  • Polymer frame

There is so much exposition in its name already notwithstanding there are still features worth spelling out again.

In terms of compatibility, the classic hybrid phone case is designed specifically for the iPhone 12 pro max. but note, it does not include a screen protector and other adornments.

With just 1.1 mm thickness, the classic hybrid is super light and does not add bulk to your device. also, it’s transparent back with a mix of the frosted ashen back, showcase the originality of your device.

The hybrid protector does a perfect job in combining the polymer frame, hardback, shockproof and elevated bezels for the screen and camera of your iPhone 12 pro max.

Speck gemshell grip case – $29.95

Speck iPhone 12 Pro Max clear Case

Key features

  • Military-grade protection
  • Raised edges
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Anti-yellowing frame

The speck case is made with military-grade protection to withstand up to about 8 feet of drops or falls on concrete.

It has elevated edges that are designed to be sturdy and also provide a comfortable grip while in use.

One special feature of the speck case is the micro-ban present as it gives a drastic reduction in the growth of bacterial on the case.

Plus, it has a poly-carbonated frame that prevents the screen from appearing yellow under intense sunlight.

OtterBox prefix series case – $34.95

OtterBox clear Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Key features

  • Ultra-slim & flexible
  • Raised edges
  • Easy fix

The Otterbox prefix case is compatible with the iPhone 12 pro max only.

It is ultra-slim in weight and will not add bulk to your device, making it easier to slip your phone into your pocket or any storage space while the bumper protects the screen at the same time.

The edges are raised to prevent your device screen and camera from damage.

It is super easy to fix this case on your phone.

iPhone 12 pro max halo clear case – $24.99

iPhone 12 Pro Max Clear Case

Key features

  • Ultra-slim & flexible
  • Camera & screen protection
  • Water mark-free & crystal clear

Designed exclusively for the iPhone 12 pro max (6.7-inch), the halo clear case has an ultra-slim clear case that is lightweight, flexible and durable.

The bezels are being raised to prevent the screen and camera from being damaged.

The inner part of this case houses several tiny dots that help erase the wet-feel that appears at the back of the phone and case.

Showcase the original look of your device with its transparent polymer frame feature.

Totallee thin case -$35.00

totallee clear iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Key features

  • Ultra-thin
  • Screen & camera protection
  • Pocket friendly

The Totallee case is compatible with the iPhone 12 pro max only. with 0.2mm thickness, that’s perhaps the thinnest you can get in all the iPhone 12 cases.

The bezels around the camera and screen are raised to prevent damage.

Also, this case is a perfect fit for you as the edges are closely glued to your device which makes it pocket friendly.

Just like the coffee shop scenario could have been averted if there were a screen protector and case cover fitted to it but unfortunately, there was none and so, it happened.

Do you know what is worth being finicky about? It is the way to protect your new iPhone 12. So, go make a purchase asap.

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