1. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 3D Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 3D Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 3D Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector

FULL COVERAGE:Specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, Using precise laser cutting technology to offer maximum screen coverage. Give your phone the best protection and a brand new face.

HIGH-SENSITIVITY TOUCHING AND CLEAR:Ultra slim protector gives real touch feeling and high sensitivity, promising original high-response touch feeling without any interference. Ultra clear 99% High-Transparency provides you high-definition clear viewing.

ANTI-FINGERPRINT:Coated with hydrophobic and oleophobic clear layers, the glass protects against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints, keeping your phone screen pristine all day long.

EASY INSTALLATION:The screen protector fits perfectly with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Screen. The cleaning cloth and Dust-removal sticker ensure a bubble and dust-free application.

We are committed to manufacture high-quality tempered glass, it delivers maximum scratch protection while preserving crystal clear image resolution. Quality is our culture. All the glass will be 100% checked after one process finished. Our Glass maintains precise touchscreen sensitivity. It’s only 0.33mm thin and features a unique oil-resistant coating. For any questions, Please feel free to contact us.

Made from Japanese Asahi glass

So Tough, They’re Rated 9H for Scratch-Resistant Screens

Made from Japanese Asahi glass, these screen protectors land at 9H (out of 10) on the Mohs' scale of mineral hardness, a scientific measure of scratch resistance. For reference, diamonds are rated 10! Your screen will better survive everyday knocks since the glass screen is durable enough to withstand a three-point bending test. And even if the screen does break, thanks to its thin coating of anti-shatter film there won’t be any clean up.

Keep Your Touchscreen Clean

Nanotechnology processing is used to apply a thin oleophobic coating to the Asahi glass so that our screen protectors resist dirt and the natural oils in our skin. Fingerprints, dust, and dirt will easily wipe away.

A Clear View

These screen protectors boast exceptional viewing clarity so that you’ll still get a clear view. And since it’s Asahi glass, you won’t get the dreaded rainbow effect when it’s installed on your device.

Include Tempered Glass Screen Protector with Alignment Frame. Only fits for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus .(Not for Samsung Galaxy S10e / S10  / S10 5G)


Provide maximum protection from drops, scratches, scrapes. High quality premium tempered glass with polished, rounded edges.


9H Hardness, 99.99% transparency preserves the original screen brightness.


Adheres to the phone's screen without any gaps or bubbles, leaving the touch sensitivity unaffected.


Maximum protection for the life of your screen protector.

We will pack your order well to keep the item safe during shipping. 

Easy peasy instructions very nice right off to the website to find the instructions. Take off old cover, wipe with alcohol wipes, then the dry wipes, then use sticker to remove dust.


Overall, the price is excellent. 

Excellent performance works perfectly. The touch is very responsive once to switch the button (using a screen protector) on your phone, and side swipe still works. this glass protector should serve you well!


Perfect for the Galaxy S10 Plus with the Otterbox Defender Case


he screen guide makes it a piece of cake and is exactly centered, once you put the screen protector in place, it adheres itself and you just push a couple bubbles out. Just be careful when taking off the screen guide, by holding the glass protector down (as it tries to lift it off, when removing the guide). Everything on the screen still works fine, even the edge panel tab! Takes about 10 minutes to do it and it looks Great tool!!!


Foolproof, quality screen protector!

Don’t be nervous to apply a screen protector to your phone due to history of crooked applications (even after watching videos), or trapping bubbles, etc. this screen protector goes on flawlessly---no dust, thanks to the dust remover sticker, and perfectly straight thanks to the included guide! It really is foolproof!



Perfect install, A+

What sets this one above is the included "frame/guide" for install. Just set your phone in the frame and it guides the glass to it's perfect resting place. Great for new phones with notches and cutouts, Galaxy S10 Pluse here. You literally cannot mess it up. Lifetime warranty good for the life of this phone.


Product comes with all the necessary components for easy installation. The screen guide is awesome so you know you are exactly centered, once you put the screen on it adheres itself and you just push a couple bubbles out and you are good to go. Touch screen still works fine for typing and Swype texting. I would absolutely recommend this product




Works well you should have no issues with installation It fits just perfect around the punch hole camera. It protects just past the screen at the bottom.

 The screen protect is exactly the size of the screen if not a pixel short and so it is mildly annoying at the very edge. But considering probably all of the screen protectors are like this due to the design of the phone, it's pretty minor and I got over it. The good news is that it doesn't appear that it will ever want to peel up since it's not trying to bend around the tapered edge.

Designed for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Perfect Fit And Full Coverage This screen protector will offer edge to edge full Coverage protection for your Galaxy S10 Plus. give your phone the best protection. Only fit for Galaxy S10 Plus, will not fit for any other phones.


Support In-Screen Fingerprint ID Ultra slim Screen Protector does not interfere with the touch response and In-Screen Fingerprint ID, promising a quicker unlock without any delay.


Particular Design:New, hybrid glass technology fuses TPU with a glass nano coating. Enjoy the same 9H hardness and protection as standard glass mixed with flexibility and shock absorption. 

A special heat-bending process perfects the final shape.

High Definition & Touch Sensitivity:0.3mm thickness is reliable and resilient, and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity. High definition transparency film with 99% HD provides total clarity and maximum resolution.

100% GUARANTEE: We are confident that we will provide you with a 100% risk-free lifetime replacement warranty. If you are not satisfied with the results for any reason, please contact us.


Preserve and protect your Galaxy S10 Plus display with our Tempered Glass 3D Curved screen protector. A premium, full coverage screen guard that's easy to install and built to last.


Enjoy crisp, responsive touch inputs courtesy of the embedded nano technology with a ultra thin (0.3MM ) profile. EXTREME SCRATCH PROTECTION comes thanks to a tough-as-nails 9H hardness rating with tempered layering and reinforced shatterproof construction.

Every set comes complete with: Tempered Glass Screen guard, micro fiber cloth, dust remover and alcohol pad

CASE FRIENDLY DESIGN provides full coverage that does not interfere or pry loose when used with cases.


Lifetime Warranty and friendly support from our dedicated team.

High-tension 9H tempered glass construction for enhanced shock protection

Our Tempered Glass Screen Protector is made from chemically reinforced glass with a 9H hardness that maintains perfect image clarity while protecting your phone's screen from scratches and external shock. Thanks to the anti-shatter film, excessive impacts may cause the glass to crack, but it will not shatter and so is safer to use than other glass products. 

Ultra clear protector with a 95% light penetration ratio

OurTempered Glass Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Screen Protector won't diminish the sharpness or brightness of your phones display.

This glass screen protector is ultra clear and has a 95% light penetration ratio, compared to plastic screen protectors that generally have an 80% light penetration ratio.

Despite being the ultimate in screen protection for your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, the Tempered Glass Series is only 0.33mm thick. This means it only adds an almost imperceptible amount of extra thickness to your phone, so you can be sure it is safe from harm while looking as good as new.

Easy installation with no risk of bubbles

As this is a tempered glass screen protector and not a film it does not bubble at all on application. In addition, the coating allows for easy removal should the protector get damaged.

Made for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, the Tempered Glass Screen Protector offers a perfect fit for your device. It features cut-outs for the camera, sensors, speaker and button, with transparent sections for the capacitive buttons so you can still see when they are lit.